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Heavy Silk Durag

B'Luxe Cuts

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Looking to add some drip to your next wave check or to match your favorite outfit? Our B'Luxe Cuts heavy silk durags come in 5 vibrant colors to do exactly that! 

These durags are ideal for securing your hairstyle throughout the day, travel, and most importantly while sleeping. Silk helps keep the hair laid down without friction to improve wave patterns and to keep your haircut looking fresh. 

The long silk tails can either be tied around and tucked in or you can let the back hang out, whichever is your style. 

Pair this with our Organic 360 Wave Pomade and 360 Wave Brush and start your wave journey today!

Available in Black, Red, Midnight Blue, Money Green, and Yellow Lemonade at BlackLavishEssentials.com