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About Us

What is Black Lavish Essentials?Joshua, Owner of Black Lavish Essentials, in West Africa learning the art of making shea butter

Black Lavish Essentials, LLC is a natural cosmetic and beauty brand inspired by the use of essential oils and raw shea butter made in Ghana.  Our mission is to create a platform for natural skin and hair products that give you the elegance you want and need from your everyday routine.

Our raw shea butter comes from the shea tree nut. In Ghana, it is converted to an oil, solidified into shea butter, and finally made into the final products by us. Black Lavish Essentials products are made by hand to develop a quality hair and skin brand. 

We want our customers to ultimately take on a self care lifestyle and enjoy taking the time to appreciate their own body, skin, and hair.


Our Products
We offer body butter, which can be applied directly to your skin for a luxurious glow and feel from head to toe.  Our Wave Pomade is used to enhance your wave pattern and give you an unmatched shine that we call "The Overseas Drip".  The 100% African Black Soap is perfect for cleaning your skin and should be added to your list of showering necessities. 
Our products contain raw shea butter, which is melted and mixed with other oils before adding our own Essential touch as each jar is handmade and crafted with you in mind. 
Product Development & Review

As alumnus from the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, we understand the importance of continuous research and development. As we strive to promote growth we aim to expand our full product line. If you have tried any of our items please leave an honest review! 

Feel Free to send us an email if you have any suggestions or concerns. We can also be reached through the Contact Us Page


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