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About Us

Black Lavish Essentials

Black Lavish Essentials is a natural self care and beauty brand inspired by the use of organic raw shea butter and our unique combination of oils to handcraft luxury skin and hair care products. In 2018, my twin brother and I ventured to Ghana, West Africa, where we've built relationships in communities that allow us to work together to provide quality natural skin and hair care products.

Josh Learning to Make Shea Butter in Ghana

Our mission is to create a platform for natural skin care and hair care products that delivers the elegance you want and need from your everyday self-care routine-- without the harsh chemicals or added ingredients.

Why Shop With Black Lavish?

We want our customers to experience the ultimate self-care lifestyle while taking the time to appreciate their own body, skin, and hair. Black Lavish Essentials prides itself on using natural ingredients to formulate healthy, quality, and affordable self care products that embody our motto, "Luxury is a Choice. Lavish is a Lifestyle!"

Black Lavish Essentials Natural Skin and Hair Care Products

We spent several weeks in various regions of Ghana as part of a cultural immersion experience where we gained a better understanding of the history and culture within Ghanaian communities, family life, and our Ancestral history that was interrupted due to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. While starting a business was not our original intention, within nine months of returning home, Black Lavish Essentials was born. Shopping with Black Lavish Essentials not only supports a successful Black business in the United States but also families and communities in West Africa.


We're Ethically Sourced

Map of Ghana, West Africa defined by region

Our organic shea butter is produced directly from the shea tree nut grown in multiple regions of Ghana, West Africa.

While in Ghana, we witnessed the communal artisan process of transforming the shea tree nut to organic raw shea butter. The shea nut undergoes a multistage process that converts the shea nut to an oil, where it is then solidified into what is commonly known as Shea butter.

From there, we import our top quality shea butter to the United States where we formulate our signature Black Lavish Essentials Whipped Body Butter, Scented Body Butter, and Organic 360 Wave Pomade collections. Be sure to check out our new Cocoa Beauty Butter and African Black Soap!

Product Development & Review

As alumnus from the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, we understand the importance of continuous research and development.

Joshua Reed, Gies College of Business - UIUC

As we continue to grow, we aim to expand our full product line of natural self care beauty products to offer a range of luxury essentials that a truly embrace the Black Lavish lifestyle.

Black Lavish Essentials Product Development - Raw Shea Butter

If you have tried any of our items please leave an honest review! Feel free to send us an email if you have any suggestions or concerns through our Contact Us Page

Black Star Square, Accra, Ghana -- Celebrating Ghana's independence from Britain

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