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Welcome to Black Lavish Essentials!

Black Lavish Essentials prides itself on making self care our number one priority and you should too!

Try our Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter and add it to your daily skin care routine. It's made using organic shea butter and whipped to perfection with our unique blend of oils.

Our long lasting Hydrating Scented Body Butter is available in various fragrances to create the perfect vibe of your choice!

Shop our new 360 Wave Brush, Wooden Beard Combs, and Organic Wave Pomade for Men's Hair Care!

A Daily Reminder: Luxury is a choice, Black Lavish is a lifestyle!


Let Us Earn Your Business!

Black Lavish Essentials is proud to be a Black-owned, luxury skin and hair care brand! We thank you for your continued support!

Black Lavish Essentials is a Black-owned skin and hair care business!