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Rejuvinate Your Skin Black Lavish Essentials

Rejuvinate Your Skin

You have heard that beauty starts with healthy looking skin. If you had not, well, there’s always a first. It is, by far, the largest organ on the body and it speaks most about our general well-being. When one is depressed, acne is not a rare occurrence. Tired? Wrinkles will begin to show. Let’s not get to the discoloration. Wrong oil? The inflammation may be a little hard to ignore. It’s clear that taking care of our skin is an essential part of our appearance, however, despite our best efforts, our skin can sometimes still look like an old canvas. So, other than cleaning and resting, what exactly are we missing?

  • Added Moisturizers

Exposure to direct sunlight, extremely high or low humidity, high temperatures… Many factors of the external environment can cause the skin to become dehydrated. This in turn, affects the shedding of dead cells, which causes excess build-up of cells, and the skin ends up looking dull. Moreover, the eczema, psoriasis, inflammation that follow clogged pores can go to extremes. Moisturizing can be an option if healthy, glowing skin is the goal at hand.

When adequately moisturized, the skin rapidly sheds off dead skin cells and detoxifies itself leaving behind a beaming, glowing layer. Raw shea butter, for instance is an excellent moisturizer for your skin. Moreover, its continuous usage, can help to reduce scars and stretch marks from the skin.  

  • Healing Properties Antibiotics

The skin’s surface has various bacteria. Some of these get into the skin through hair follicles and cuts or scrapes from sunburns. In turn, the skin breaks out causing pimples and swellings to take root. Topical antibiotics have antiseptic and bacteriostatic properties that help destroy the bad bacteria and protect the health, glow and smoothness of the skin similar to the healing properties of unrefined shea butter.

  • Antioxidants

Day to day outdoor exposure subjects our skin to a lot of oxidative stressors caused by environmental pollution, harmful Ultraviolet rays, chemical radiation, etc. These lead to early and swift signs of aging for the skin. Antioxidants, which include vitamins A and E, work to reverse this process. They have powerful anti-aging properties that function to not only keep your skin tight and youthful, but also radiant enough to retain that glorious glow.

Ultimately, as it goes without saying, using organic products is the best choice for one’s skin. Not only are they gentle and easy on the skin, raw, unprocessed organics tend to have most of the above elements still intact. However, not all organic products are best suited for every day use. One of the most reliable products that allows for everyday use is the organic raw shea butter from black lavish essentials. This product has deep moisturizing action and has its antibiotic and antioxidants properties still richly intact. Click here to get started on your journey towards rejuvenated glowing your skin.

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