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100% Aloe Vera African Black Soap

Our African Black Soap (ABS) is handmade in Ghana, West Africa and it's the perfect choice for cleansing your skin of dirt and excess build up that may clog your pours. Excellent for washing your hands and can remove heavy layers of dirt from your skin and face.

New! Aloe Vera Black Soap

Made with sensitive skin in mind! Added Aloe Vera in the black soap helps alleviate irritation and added dryness when directly used on face or skin in comparison to our 100% African Black Soap.

You can use this with your everyday face cleaning routine or simply showering by lathering African Black Soap into a wet towel or loofah and scrubbing in circles for 60 seconds. Rinse. Repeat. We recommend placing the soap in a soap holder or case to prevent wet soap from running down the sink or ledge.

Your skin should feel dry after showering and can be paired with our Whipped Body Butter to keep your skin moisturized.

Our pure Aloe Vera African Black Soap is made of only plant based ingredients;

Cocoa pods,
Dried plantain,
Shea tree nuts,
Aloe Vera Plant
and locally harvested plants.


For sensitive skin, it is recommended that you begin with a skin patch test before fully using this black soap. Lather a little soap on your arm or leg and let it sit for 60 seconds before rinsing it off. If you feel excessive irritation rinse off the soap immediately. Average weight ranges between 5.5-6oz.